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New Delhi [India], January 27 (ANI/SRV): Wavesys Global is launching a new feature of integration of video monitoring systems with the TELEGRAM social messaging app for this precise reason-to deliver alerts to users on a platform that is actually more used and allows multiple user channels.

"We are happy to announce the integration of the Wavesys Video Monitoring Systems with Telegram. As a company offering IT-led security solutions, it is and always will be our goal to offer products and services that add comfort and bring progress to the lives of our customers. The new Telegram integration feature stands true to all our promises and goals." said Abhishek Kumar, Senior Regional Director, Wavesys Global, about the launch.

Explaining the relevance of this VMS-Telegram integration feature, he said that the reason for the choice of Telegram is simple- the app is very popular and installed on almost every smartphone nowadays. But more importantly, it is an encrypted and secure channel that offers privacy and independence to the users as Telegram does not engage in data harvesting. It has an open and powerful API and is less expensive compared to some other mediums. Telegram also offers the liberty of transferring files of any size to a single user or a group of users.

Recent case study and implementation:

A manufacturing unit in Punjab was faced with a major crisis just last month. It all started with Amit, the security surveillance in charge receiving a family medical emergency call. While Amit rushed to the hospital, attended to the emergency, and was returning to the factory, an unfortunate accident happened at the factory injuring 1 worker and destroying one whole lot of material.

This factory unit had top-class surveillance and video monitoring systems that very promptly sent risk alerts to Amit by SMS and email. But the alerts went unnoticed for understandable reasons. If only the notification had reached multiple people- not just Amit, or multiple channels and not just the rarely seen SMS, the damage could have been stopped and losses could have been avoided.

The in-premises supervisory authority in any kind of industrial setup can take advantage of this feature by simply creating a channel or a group on Telegram without any additional investment and can then add interested parties to it (like the officials, admins, IT managers, or even the security staff). The user may also set instructions to message individual users or even multiple recipients of the created group or private channel.

Once the CCTV video monitoring system is integrated with Telegram the user will instantly start receiving message updates, alerts, and/ or live streaming links. Message updates, alerts, or live video links are broadcasted on Telegram based on the preferences, trigger events, and event-related actions instructed to the Telegram bot by the user.

Although the scope of instructions one could give to the bot is vast, some features deemed most beneficial are the alert notifications for certain trigger incidents and real-time frames for such incidents (if a rule is pre-set by the user to showcase live stream in case of triggers), frames pulled out of the storage archives for a specific time frame, and notifications regarding system faults.

As a final step, install the Telegram app on your Android or iOS smartphone for enhanced mobility, and you are all set to stay alert and to alarm the concerned even while you are on the move.

Further talking about the progress of the security surveillance industry and the source of the forethought of the Wavesys VMS- Telegram integration in India, Abhishek Kumar spoke of the immense growth of the security and surveillance industry in terms of innovations that offered an analysis of footage, simplified availability of footage, and reduced human intervention in footage handling that enhanced the feeling of security and successfully offered comfort too.

But, some security and surveillance-related matters are still considered 'for professional handling only' even today, he added. For instance, when there is an incident on your premises, the first person to be contacted will be someone authorized to access the security footage, such an individual would have to rush to the CCTV control room or the footage monitoring station to look at the footage. They would then watch the footage and alert the security in charge who, in turn, would alert the others concerned. The hierarchical transfer of information consumes a lot of crucial make-or-break time.

By integrating this simple social messaging app Telegram with its video monitoring systems, WAVESYS GLOBAL will enable multiple accounts and users to get simultaneous and safe access to security footage.

This VMS-Telegram integration has much more to offer if you wish to explore. You just need to make up your mind to integrate and order.

Read more about Wavesys Global and the VMS-Telegram integration at or contact for specific information.

This story has been provided by SRV. ANI will not be responsible in any way for the content of this article. (ANI/SRV)

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