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No charges laid by FBI against Epstein related to Prince Andrew

By Jay Jackson, Laos News.Net
18 Nov 2019, 19:53 GMT+10

WASHINGTON, DC - Charges leveled by the FBI against Jeffrey Epsten filed before his suicide did not extend to claims made by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Guiffre's declaration filed by attorneys on 19 January 2015 made claims against Epstein and others relating to incidents from 1999 to 2001 when she was sent to Thailand for massage training, after which she met an Australian and migrated to Australia where she married him.

The FBI indictment filed in July this year related to events that took place between 2002 and 2005.

Guiffre claims she had sex with Prince Andrew on 10 March 2001, prior to the period the FBI indictment extends to.

She also claims she had sex at the request of Epstein with prominent lawyer Alan Dershowitz six times, and a number of other people including politicians, world leaders and a king. Her declaration was made in support of a filing by two other alleged victims who were seeking to have a non-prosecution agreement Epstein had entered into in 2007, after an investigation by the Palm Beach Police Department, overturned. The judge however refused to accept the Guiffre filing and ordered it to be stricken from the record and sealed, maintaining the "lurid" and "unnecessary details" involving "non-parties" to the lawsuit were "immaterial" and "impertinent" to the proceedings.

Epstein was arrested on 6 July 2019, and the indictment was filed two days later.

Epstein was charged with sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors. There was no evidence put forward that related to Epstein providing girls for sex with others, all the claims related to his own personal activities.

The indictment alleged that, between 2002 through 2005, Epstein sexually exploited and abused dozens of underage girls by enticing them to engage in sex acts with him in exchange for money.

"Epstein allegedly worked with several employees and associates to ensure that he had a steady supply of minor victims to abuse, and paid several of those victims themselves to recruit other underage girls to engage in similar sex acts for money. He committed these offenses in locations including New York, New York, and Palm Beach, Florida," the indictment said.

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said at the time of the indictment being filed (8 July 2019): "As alleged, Jeffrey Epstein abused underage girls for years, operating a scheme in which girls he victimized would recruit others for Epstein to exploit and abuse. Epstein exploited girls who were vulnerable to abuse, enticed them with cash payments, and escalated his conduct to include sex acts, often occurring at his residence on the Upper East Side of Manhattan."

The indictment in Manhattan federal court said:

From at least 2002 through at least 2005, Jeffrey Epstein enticed and recruited, and caused to be enticed and recruited, dozens of minor girls to visit his mansion in New York, and his estate in Palm Beach, Florida to engage in sex acts with him, after which he would give the victims hundreds of dollars in cash. In order to maintain and increase his supply of victims, Epstein also paid certain victims to recruit additional underage girls whom he could similarly abuse. In this way, Epstein created a vast network of underage victims for him to sexually exploit, often on a daily basis, in locations including New York and Palm Beach.

Epstein's victims were as young as 14 at the time he abused them, and were, for various reasons, often particularly vulnerable to exploitation. Moreover, Epstein knew that many of his victims were under 18, including because, in some instances, victims expressly told him they were underage.

In both New York and Florida, Epstein perpetuated this abuse in similar ways. Victims were initially recruited to provide "massages" to Epstein, which became increasingly sexual in nature and would typically include one or more sex acts. Epstein paid his victims hundreds of dollars in cash for each encounter.

In particular, during encounters at the New York Residence, victims would be taken to a room where they would perform a massage on Epstein, during which Epstein would frequently escalate the nature and scope of physical contact with his victims to include, among other things, sex acts such as groping and direct and indirect contact with the victims' genitals. In connection with the encounters, Epstein, or one of his employees or associates, typically paid each victim hundreds of dollars in cash. Once minor victims were recruited, Epstein or his employees or associates would contact victims to schedule appointments for "massages." As a result, many victims were abused by Epstein on multiple subsequent occasions.

To further enable him to abuse underage girls, EPSTEIN asked and enticed certain of his victims to recruit additional minor girls to perform "massages" and similarly engage in sex acts with EPSTEIN. When a victim would recruit another underage girl for EPSTEIN, he paid both the victim-recruiter and the new victim hundreds of dollars in cash. Through these victim-recruiters, EPSTEIN maintained a steady supply of new victims to exploit, and gained access to dozens of additional underage girls to abuse.

Despite the many claims investigated, Epstein, 66, was ultimately charged with just one count of sex trafficking of minors, which carries a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison, and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

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